Each Eco-Community Accommodation will aim to permanently house 4 people + between 10 and 35 visitors each year ( including volunteers, Courses participants, Teachers, Paying Visitors.

also, each property will include some form of animal rescue and sanctuary

and will use every possible Eco-sustainable & holistic techniques to live a greener cleaner lifestyle.


Signific Ant Solutions Core cause and impact objective.

We are currently in Pre Launch mode, testing site and adding amazing Products and Services that have true Social Impact.

we Soft launch on

02.02.2020 at 20:20

Our Grand launch will be on the 22.02.2020 at 20:20

Our current short term Social Impact Fund Target =$5555 and Results so far =$

Short term Social Impact Fund will


buy our First property ( Yes you can actually buy A property for $4000 that has enough rooms to house 4+ people and enough land and outbuildings to live an eco-sustainable lifestyle, house an animal sanctuary, + workshops storage extra. 300+ days a year of sun.