Signific-Ant Art Club is an Exclusive Limited Edition Art collection.

It is limited to 123 prints, each piece of art signed dated and numbered.

75 prints will be for back catalogue, Signed 

We promote 3+ different Artists every month, 3+ pieces per artist.

Our pop up Gallery opens for 3 days at the end of the month

Where we Launch the new Artists for the month, Meet the Artist,

We Sign some pieces 30 each piece, available to members and on the night, 

monthly price:

1 piece of art 35 pounds- Yearly 333 pounds save 87.

2 pieces 60 pounds- Yearly  555 pounds save 165

3 pieces 80 pounds- Yearly 777 pounds save 183 + 5 extra pieces.

Full Membership 12 months includes 3 limited prints every month,

choose from a minimum of 9 different pieces each month, 3 from each artist will be reserved for you until selected

36 pieces a year + pick 5 from the Store free.

Price includes worldwide postage and packaging.

We are conscious of the environmental impact of our business so we don't just plant trees, we build eco-sustainable communities, permanently home the homeless, rescue animals and use environmental methods everywhere we can. check out our impact statement and core aims 

note to nate 600 pieces x 3 Artists =1800 pieces, max 35 pounds per piece = 63000 pounds Gross a month

costs prints = 1000 pounds

delivery =10000 pounds max average 5 pounds a print

leaves 52000 pounds to pay Artists, Staff, running costs, 

if projected sales are achieved we will pay each Artist 5555 pounds for the rights to sell 600 pieces or minimum 9.25 apiece.

minus artists cost = 16665 pounds

leaves 35335 pounds net company profits a month - staff, promotions and premises and bills= 5335 pounds.

Social Impact Fund recieves 30000 pounds.