We Need Your  Support


We need Volunteers

We need Artists

We need community

We need a Space

We need teachers

We need customers

Our Core Projects and Causes

  • Environmental issues & Sustainable Living.

  • The Homeless  & those in need of support.

  • Arts, Crafts and Creativity.

  • Animal Welfare.

  • Positive Healthy Lifestyles.

  • Social Enterprises and Community Building.​


Our 2020 Vision Impact Goals & Targets.

By the end of 2020, we aim to have,

  1. Bought 3 Properties for our Eco-Sustainable Community

  2. Provided 12+ Permanent Homes to the Homeless.

  3. Secured a Base in London for our Core Projects. By April.

  4. Supported 40+ Artists 

  5. 1000+ Members to Utilise our SAS Community Currency

  6. 1000+ Newsletter Subscribers.


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